Useful links

Slovenian aeroclubs

Weather for aviation

Aviation forecast
Dispatches for pilots
GAFOR forecast
SWC forecast
Weather chart
Weather chart (EUMETSAT) 

Aviation organizations

Ministry of Transport, Directorate of Civil Aviation
Slovenian air traffic control
Aviation Association of Slovenia

Other links

Internet portal for the sale of used aircraft.

Flightmap Slovenia
Interactive VFR map of Slovenia for pilots, with current weather data, navigation points, route planning, etc.

The World Air Sports Federation (FAI)
FAI is the main organization for airports and aeronautical world records.

See You
Glider overflight planning and analysis software.

AMS Flight
Slovenian aircraft manufacturer made of composite materials.

LX Navigation
Slovenian manufacturer of tracking devices and aircraft instruments.

Ventus Air d.o.o.
Official representative for UL aircraft TL-ULTRALIGHT for Slovenia.